The 20 Slowest Growing Economies Over The Next 3 Years

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The World Bank recently slashed its outlook for comprehensive progression in 2013 to 2.4 percent and 2014 to 3.1 percent.  It also unveiled its lackluster 2015 forecast: 3.3 percent.

“While diminished, downside risks to the comprehensive nation persist and include a stalling of movement on the Euro Area crisis, debt and fiscal issues in the United States, the likelihood of a astute slowing of investment in China, and a disruption in comprehensive oil supplies,” they write.

The organization’s new report, Comprehensive Economic Prospects, provides outlooks for the individual economies it follows.

The laggards include economies that rely on visiting the attractions like Belize and Jamaica.  It also includes nations struggling with corruption and crime.

But for the most part, they are the major developed economies like the U.S., Japan, and the members of the European Union. (For the purposes of this report, the EU is considered one nation.)

We pulled the 20 slowest economies early the World Bank’s report based on compound annual progression rate (CAGR) owing to 2015.

#20: Belize

Est. 2012 GDP: +4.0%

Est. 2013 GDP: +2.8%

Est. 2013-2015
: +2.8%

Nation: Belize is weighed down by distinguished debt and a significant trade deficit. Visiting the attractions, which has decreased in view of the fact that the fiscal crisis, is the nation’s top foreign exchange earner. Poverty levels are distinguished, while the supply of skilled overstress is low.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

#19: Antigua and Barbuda

Est. 2012 GDP: +1.0%

Est. 2013 GDP: +1.5%

Est. 2013-2015
: +2.8%

Nation: The nation of this pair of islands is dominated by visiting the attractions. The nation was hit especially tough by the fiscal crisis, which caused its chief fiscal institution to end and visiting the attractions to reduction. The country’s visiting the attractions sector is prone to further declines due to an increase in untreated disasters.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

#18: El Salvador

Est. 2012 GDP: +1.8%

Est. 2013 GDP: +2.3%

Est. 2013-2015
: +2.7%

Nation: Remittances comprise a substantial part of El Salvador’s GDP. Nearly half of the nation’s trade is with the United States, and the greenback is a frequently accepted currency in the country.  

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

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