Sonam Kapoor’s Best Hairstyles

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Sonam Kapoor’s Preeminent Hairstyles

Its really admirable the way Sonam Kapoor – the diva experiments with her dressing style – bringing in a lot of variation in her appearances across platforms and events – and standing out differently early all moreover.  Sometimes, her style gets a small quirky, but then you have got to give it to the lady, who carries even the “oddest” look with confidence. I realized that this lady experiments a lot with her hairstyle too.  She wears her mane open, does retro, the poker straight look, the messy bun, side bun, messy updo, and innumerable other styles.  I reflect she looks awesome with all kinds of hairstyle.  You have got to hand it to the lady – she does everything with elan :)

Here’s Sonam Kapoor on foot the incline during IIJW.


She look so pretty here in this lovely hairstyle during the promotion of her movie “Raanjhanaa.”

Sonam Kapoor Raanjhanaa

Sonam Kapoor dons a quirky hairstyle during The Pure Concept consequence.

Sonam Kapoor Hairstyle

Sonam Kapoor looks pretty as a picture in this simple yet lovely saree during the Filmfare consequence.

Sonam Kapoor White saree

Sonam Kapoor with mane let open and it seems a different color too.

Sonam Kapoor long hair

She looks kind of cute here.

Mumbai Celebrity Sightings

Sonam Kapoor during the L’Oreal Femina consequence.

Sonam Kapoor L'oreal filmfare

Sonam Kapoor walks the incline in a side ponytail during the Colgate consequence.

Sonam Kapoor in Red

Clicked in a very elegant updo during the Cannes Film Festival.

Sonam Kapoor Cannes

Clicked on foot the incline at the IIJW.

Sonam Kapoor ramp

This is one of my favourite looks. She came in this pretty dress on the sets of “Jhalak Dikhla Jhaa” with a chic updo.

Sonam Kapoor Jhalak Dikhla Jaa

Sonam Kapoor with co-actor Dhanush in a South Indian clothes during the first performance of “Raanjhaana.”

Sonam Kapoor in Ranjhanaa

She walks the incline in a very pretty and elegant hairstyle.

Brand Ambassador Sonam Kapoor walked on the ramp at the Grand Finale of IIJW 2012

Another of my favourite incline look of Sonam Kapoor’s, the saree, the hairstyle, the jewellery, everything is exact here.

Sonam Kapoor in saree

She goes retro over again for another consequence advent.


Let’s try out out the hairstyle she sports while traveling :)


Sonam Kapoor airport

Sonam Kapoor Goa

Sonam Kapoor airport travel

In view of the fact that its about Sonam Kapoor, there’s soothe a lot that could be extra to the list, but we have limited space here, will bring up to date new looks of her in another post :)

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