Elizabeth Arden True Love EDT Review

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Elizabeth Arden Right Like EDT

Right Like is a fruity, original floral fragrance. A soft blend of rose and iris, with powder, wood and musk.An Orientel floral fragrance, Right Like by Elizabeth Arden is devious and seductive. Top notes are apricot, green notes, freesia and peach; middle notes are iris, orris root, jasmine, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley and rose; base notes are sandalwood, amber, vanilla and cedar.


INR 2500

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I got this online one day because I really into these innumerable hoarding phases, currently I extra two extra fragrances, this time a perfume, continue time it was all EDT but now I am looking for stronger scents never mentality, lets try out how I like this one remember its and EDT and not an EDP so I am not expecting much stronger scents or staying potential out of it :)

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The bottle is huge like huge, you cannot carry it and you have soubriquet it safely, usually you force have these elegant perfume with 50 ml material in it but this one is huge and you get a lot, I force have used it at smallest amount 20 era and it soothe looks close to full,the spraying gets hard too in view of the fact that it is huge.

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It is colorless and set alight and does not tinge, but let me caution you my at the start impressions, I found it rosey and soapy and then small powdery and the dry down was a small bitter so I dont admit what to say, it is my my scent, I would rather not wear it if it is not like me at all, but yes it is not a very young or mature fragrance, but its excellent for the middle twenties I suppose :P so not so impressed with this one in view of the fact that I am a fruity and citrus person but yes sometimes rosey ones too.

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I looked-for to spray a lot, and then try out how it is on me, so I cannot say you need just one spritz, then over again, the staying potential is a fail for me, it stays like powder rose for an hour, then one hour it smells bitter on me, and then gone, you cannot smell anything, so max two hours is what you get out of it, but in view of the fact that it is a set alight EDT I wasn’t really expecting too much.

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One excellent thing is that in view of the fact that it is standard, I dont reflect this is very headache causing kind of a fragrance but yes it is sweet at the start and then it turns small powdery and bitter later, so I dont reflect it is working honest with my body chemistry, never mentality.

I am recommending this to younger office women, who are into sweet and floral powdery scents, but dont expect much on the staying potential front, you will have to use a lot and often, I suppose the huge bottle is not really a benefit then :P By and large it is not my scent.

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